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FLOORING SYSTEM Flowfresh hygienic polyurethane concrete flooring system is said to be specifically designed for operations where both cleanliness and


Flowfresh hygienic polyurethane concrete flooring system is said to be specifically designed for operations where both cleanliness and durability are top priority. The flooring product incorporates a blend of performance characteristics, enabling contractors to install it wherever needed, including heavy industrial sites and warehouses. Protecting the flooring investment is long-term resistance to damaging impact, abrasion and aggressive chemicals, product developers note, plus the ability to withstand thermal shock from steam or high-temperature cleaning.

Flowfresh floors also contain a continually performing antimicrobial that inhibits growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. The antimicrobial is dispersed throughout the entire thickness of the floor surface, so additional antimicrobial is released over time as the floor is trafficked and worn. Once the antimicrobial kills the contaminant, it digests the decayed organisms for further protection. Combatting slip-falls, Flowfresh floors have a slip-resistant texture to reduce risk on wet surfaces. For added nonslip protection, the systems can be specially finished with a decorative quartz broadcast and topped with a clear coating.

The flooring’s seamless profile is reportedly easy to maintain and conveniently installed, owing to pre-portioned packaging that allows for precise job-site mixing. Customers can choose from either red or gray flooring, or request specialty colors, all available with a smooth, fine texture or large-aggregate surface finish. Valspar Flooring


McNeilus Cos. has developed a three-day Mixer Maintenance Training class to help educate service technicians on all aspects of the company’s mixer systems. Focusing on preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, classes include hands-on training in the shop.

Through November 1, companies receive free tuition for one employee. Tuition for each additional employee is $540, which includes a comprehensive student guide, mixer schematics, and lunch each day. Notes McNeilus President Michael Wuest. Because properly maintaining your ready mix fleet is a key profit component, we’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum Û taught by experienced, senior instructors and loaded with practical hands-on training.

Classes limited to 12 students provide what McNeilus notes is a dynamic learning experience for new and seasoned service technicians, as the instruction aims to deliver personalized attention in an optimal environment. Following an early October roll out at the McNeilus headquarters in Dodge Center, Minn., are these scheduled class dates and locations:

  • October 24-26, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • December 12-14, Villa Rica, Ga.
  • January 15-17, Lakeland, Fla.
  • January 30 – February 1, Hutchins, Texas
  • February 26-28, Salt Lake City
  • March 13-15, Phoenix
  • April 10-12, Puyallup, Wash.
  • April 24-26, Colton, Calif.
  • May 7-9, Sugar Grove, Ill.

Mixer Maintenance Training class registration is available online at:


SC-Master2 catalog contains over 600 pages of technical and ordering information for industrial pneumatic directional control valves, plus electro-pneumatic pressure control valves. The line of 28 directional control valves is divided into sections including: plug-in valve manifolds, traditional valve manifold systems, inline valves, and manual/mechanical valves. A separate section details serial link options, electro-pneumatic pressure control valves and the MS01 part present sensing system. Also included is an accessories section with solenoid connectors and cables, common fittings and silencers. Catalog on CD also available. Bosch Rexroth


Building upon previous models, the new Site Spreader A2TM is geared for dust free operation during pneumatic filling of cement, lime, or flyash. The A2TM combines a simplified control system, a high-flow relief vent, and a break-away spreading auger, the manufacturer notes. The spreaders are used in highway construction, site development and asphalt recycling projects.

Model A2TM replaces the 30-in.-wide drag chain of the original high-volume model with two 10-in.-diameter augers. High-capacity hydraulic motors and deep reduction gearboxes guarantee that the product will not bind in the hopper, company officials add. Additionally, the A2TM uses a horizontal slide gate to seal the hopper front and rear during filling, leaving no opening except through the filter.

To minimize dust entering the filter during pneumatic filling from bulk material transport trucks, exclusive double reverse expanded flow air circulation drops most of the dust before it exits the hopper through 157 sq. ft. of filtering surface. The A2 will accept and spread portland cement, quicklime, flyash blends, kiln dust, bentonite and any other dry bulk material. Stoltzfus Spreaders


The Panel Stacker system allows a user to precast eight panels back to back in a vertical gang form with an A quality molded stone pattern on both sides of the wall. The patent-pending system is said to improve both product quality and functionality, while reducing production and installation costs. This manufacturer’s Post Stacker system also is poured vertically, enabling 10 precast columns to be produced at a time with a molded stone pattern on all four sides with no seams on the corners. Both systems produce a final product with the look and feel of true masonry, according to the maker.

Standard privacy wall systems come in 4, 6, 8, or 10 ft. high _ 12 to 16 ft. long. Commercial sound wall systems, including prestress enabled, can be designed to specifications. Verti-Crete, LLC


Grace Construction Products’ site, themed Changing the Color and Texture of Concrete, showcases decorative concrete by promoting design and aesthetic options available with color and surface finishes. It features separate areas for homeowners, architects, specifiers, and contractors, and includes a gallery illustrating driveways, pool decks, patios and walkways. The site also provides a color selector and links to ready mixed producers offering colored mixes. A Contractors section explains the advantages of integral liquid pigments.


Resin Pave mixes Road Oyl with native soil and materials to create roads, walking and bike paths, driveways, parking lots and other high-traffic surfaces. Mixing native soil with Road Oyl Û a heavy-duty, dust-control and soil-stabilization product Û creates a reported natural pavement whose mix design is determined by soil and weather conditions. Maintenance is accomplished by applying Road Oyl topically to the area. Midwest Industrial Supply


Kraft Energy Systems Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, has been named exclusive North American distributor for the Assyx DuroBoard production pallet. Assyx and Bayer Material Science teamed up to produce the form-stable production pallet that is bend and warp-proof, and has a rigid LVL (laminated veneer lumber) core plus wear-and-tear-resistant polyurethane plastic coating.

The strength of this production board has the potential to revolutionize the pallet industry, says Kraft Energy Vice President Michael Kraft. The most modern, high-performance system technology is used in DuroBoard production.

The product’s unique properties include LVL core made of long-fiber pine, three cross-laminated layers with 2.5mm individual layers for bend and warp resistance and optimum vibration transfer. The LVL core is covered with a coat of specially developed Baydur polyurethane plastic, eliminating swelling wood, uneven surfaces and decay Û hence suited for use in curing chambers and vapor systems. And, the all-sided coating provides high durability as well as an oil-resistant surface that allows the use of pallet oils or release agents to prevent any concrete product sticking. Vibration transfer ensures what Kraft officials note are the highest quality concrete products possible with consistent height accuracy, smooth undersides and high density. Û;