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FENCE WALL SYSTEMS Suitable for use as sound barriers, highway walls, security walls, privacy fences, and decorative perimeter fences, StoneTree Fence


Suitable for use as sound barriers, highway walls, security walls, privacy fences, and decorative perimeter fences, StoneTree Fence Wall Systems are constructed of steel-reinforced precast using the company’s Combo-Cast technology. Included in the fence wall system is a proprietary rigid footing that consists of a pier with embedded structural support extending to half the height of the fence wall. While eliminating the need for rebar cages typically required in more labor-intensive grouted cell designs, the manufacturer asserts, the footing structure ensures safe and stable installation.

The Combo-Cast column and panel is precast as a single unit, eliminating over 50 percent of associated labor and equipment costs, according to system developers. Furthermore, the company’s (patent pending) Proprietary Forming Process provides vertical casting for multiple Combo-Cast sections with identical textured design on both sides: six panel/column units Û equal to 90 feet Û are produced in one form, further reducing labor, costs and working space required.

The steel-reinforced precast walls are reportedly more durable than natural stone, block and brick and do not require a continuous footing. The standard Combo-Cast section yields 15-feet between column centers; a connection joint at the column doubles as an expansion joint to prevent problems associated with settling due substandard and expansive soil conditions.

StoneTree Fence Wall Systems are available in 6- and 8-ft. standard heights. Columns are 18 inches square; and, the wall’s structural perimeter is five inches thick. Other options include specialized systems for retaining walls, security fences and decorative screens, which may be custom built to specified heights and lengths. Textured appearances including a variety of natural stone, slate, stucco and architectural designs are available. A range of colors may be applied in the field. Interchanging form liners using the company’s Precast Concrete Forming Equipment, a manufacturer can create appearances as desired.

StoneTree Fence Wall Systems are sold with licensing to preapproved producers. Ongoing product support is provided, and licensees receive system training and shared knowledge from representatives with hands-on experience. Advanced Forming Technology (AFTEC)


Company has extended packaging options for its Safe În Easy Oil & Grease Remover, now available in a 32-oz. plastic spray bottle. Product is a professional-strength, scrub-free solution chemically engineered to release even deeply embedded stains, developers note. Accordingly, it penetrates concrete and other porous masonry surfaces, bonds with oil and grease particles, and lifts them out. Long a favorite of masonry restoration specialists, the manufacturer contends, the oil and grease remover suits most masonry surfaces: Recently, it was used successfully on an Italian limestone exterior, where natural oils leaching from the stone combined with urban smog and pollen from exotic plants and shrubs to form a sap-like, discoloring film. One application of the product restored the delicate stone to its original luster (as illustrated).

Safe În Easy Oil & Grease Remover is available in quart, one-gallon and five-gallon containers. For jobs big and small, company officials note, the clear liquid adapts readily to spray equipment. Average dwell time is about three hours. After the product has lifted embedded oil and grease, using a hose or pressure washer is advised to rinse surface residue. Dumond
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The manufacturer bills its pipe lift as a safe, cost-effective way to move product. Allowing for hands-free movement of any type of pipe, it is said to double production of pipe installation as compared to methods using slings and cables. The design permits handling of 3 in. to 100 in. diameter product without hydraulics, as the lift’s weight effects load gripping. A narrow profile eases removal from tight trenches, and centering the lifter on the pipe is not necessary. Kenco Corp.
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Paratec (PARApet TEChniques) has been introduced by the manufacturer as a versatile method of internal structural reinforcement tailored to meet the specific requirements of masonry parapet and retaining walls. It reportedly strengthens low parapet masonry walls Û such as those found on roofs or balconies, or a low wall that is part of a bridge or an embankment Û while remaining sensitive to the original architecture and without narrowing roadways or rebuilding the wall. Product developers emphasize that the system is a new solution targeting problems associated with older masonry structures subject to wind loading, seismic movement, vehicular impact and foundation subsidence.

Based on extensive research involving practical testing as well as advanced computer modeling techniques to simulate the effects of vehicle impact upon a masonry wall, the Paratec system uses advanced dynamic software incorporating a discrete element analysis technique to accurately predict the behavior of parapet walls under various circumstances.

On site, the Reinforcing Anchor System, with a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, is inserted into the structure requiring reinforcement. A specially developed, nonpolymer, cement-like grout is then injected into the sleeve under low pressure. The grout then fuses with the mesh, expands, and shapes itself around the steel to fit the space. Dry- or low-volume wet diamond drilling techniques are used to reduce or eliminate water damage associated with conventional concrete wet drilling. Cintec America
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Company reports that while the 2005 NEC code requires bonding to rebar in grounding systems, some state or local officials have taken this requirement a step further by mandating two connection points to the steel. Accordingly, Eritech RC70/RC100 provides two connection points and features high-strength bronze alloy construction. The durable direct-burial ground clamp is UL Listed and reportedly easy to install. The RC70 handles wires up to 2/0, and the RC100 handles wires up to 4/0. Erico Inc.
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Wall-Nu Trowelable Mastic is a general-purpose mastic/sculpting putty formulated specifically for construction, marine environment and artificial environment fabrication. Product developers note that the mastic offers excellent adhesion to wood, masonry, steel, concrete, fiberglass, Gunite, polyurethane and glass. It is a 100 percent solids, two-component epoxy capable of being applied on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces without sagging. Suitable for patching, coving, lining, adhesive bonding and blending surfaces, the product applied up to 1 in. thick on vertical surfaces is nonshrinking and nonbrittle; and, it has an expansion coefficient similar to concrete. Once cured, it can be easily sanded, drilled or filed. Formulated to perform well in highly corrosive or at temperatures up to 250_F, Wall-Nu resists spillage of many acids and alkalis. Chemline
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Built to withstand the tough conditions of a dry-cutting environment, the manufacturer notes, the new CM4SB2 4-in. masonry saw includes a 11.6-amp motor to cut smoothly through tile, marble granite and concrete brick. The 2,090-watt output motor produces a no-load speed of 11,500 rpm for greater cutting efficiency. A specially sealed armature coil and switch offer protection against dust and debris as well as greater durability. The seal also helps minimize tool vibration, producing 1.4 m/s2 (compared to the competing model’s rate of 2.0 m/s2). At 85 dB, the CM4SB2’s noise levels are also reduced. A dust-proof switch prevents debris from entering the tool in that location, and a metal-seated ball bearing wards off damage to the motor caused by high temperatures and vibration.

The new dry cut masonry saw offers the shortest base edge-to-blade distance in its class, the company affirms, making it easy to cut into tight spaces. A one-touch lever reportedly adjusts depth of cut quickly and easily. The elastomer-covered handle is said to provide a sure grip and improve comfort. Compact at 8? inches in length and lightweight at 6.2 lb., the manufacturer emphasizes, the saw comes with a premium 4-in., continuous-rim diamond blade designed for high performance in dry-cutting applications, plus wrench, box wrench (10mm), 20-mm flange, and ?-in. flange. Hitachi Power Tools
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An update of the Boxer TD-327 model, the redesigned Boxer 526DX is a track-driven diesel unit. According to the manufacturer, it especially suits landscaping, utility work, and construction applications. The 526DX offers an integrated track system that retracts from a fully extended 43.5 in. to a width of 35 in. Controlled by a joystick lever, the unit features a variable track design that reportedly enables the operator to maneuver through tight areas, such as gates and sidewalks, then extend back to full width for increased stability.

Among modifications to the TD-327 provided by the updated Boxer 526DX are greater operating and tip capacities, a wider wheelbase for improved stability, better sight lines, longer reach, greater dump height, and increased ground speeds. The operator station has also been ergonomically redesigned to help reduce operator fatigue and increase ease of operation. The 526DX offers an operating capacity of 1,050 lb. (735 lb. at 35 percent SAE standard) with tip capacity of 2,100 lb., and has 77-in. hinge-pin and 60-in. dump heights. Compact Power
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Turmac and parent company Columbia Machine, Inc. announce the addition of Finke color systems to their line of mixing and batching equipment. Turmac is now the exclusive sales and service representative for Finke’s line of color-dispensing equipment in the Americas and the Caribbean. In addition to selling complete color systems, it will offer service and parts support for the Finke line.

Turmac representatives note that Finke is known for innovative solutions for dosing and dispensing of G and G-C grade granular pigments, liquid pigments, and chemical admixtures. Continuing this tradition, they add, the new Universal Powder Metering System combines high weighing accuracy and high-speed powder-pigment metering for operational cost savings. The system is also said to be virtually dust free, minimizing waste and providing a cleaner working environment.
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ALL Erection and Crane Rental Corp. announces the latest version of its LS3 lift simulation software, version 3, which re-creates the lift environment to facilitate planning, increase safety, and reduce cost. LS3 software is preloaded with specifications, capacities, and load data for every crane in the ALL fleet, reportedly North America’s largest inventory. Input screens incorporate basic application, site, and lift data, then provide 3D simulation of the lift, which suggests the proper crane, outrigger load bearing pressures, crane capacities, and percentages of crane capacity used.

The simulation software is an in-house tool used by ALL application engineers. Lift-planning service is free to customers. Because planning a lift is essential to ensure that the correct equipment is on the job. The company offers its fleet of cranes, aerial work platforms, boom trucks, material handlers, and other lift equipment from more than 25 strategic locations in the U.S. and Canada, providing rental, sales, service, and jobsite analysis.
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