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STEAM GENERATOR Company’s latest Steam Flo model serves as a portable source of low-pressure steam to accelerate curing of cast-in-place or precast concrete.


Company’s latest Steam Flo model serves as a portable source of low-pressure steam to accelerate curing of cast-in-place or precast concrete. The unit saturates the curing area with steam, uniformly heating the concrete, and speeding up the curing process. Steam Flo is also suited for outlying areas or overflow production, and can be used to heat frozen aggregate. The unit is available with oil, LP or natural gas fired burners, stationary or trailer mounting options, self-contained packages and other custom features. Sioux Steam Corp.
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A new line of plastic formwork, including Geotubes and Geopanels, is designed to save material and labor costs. Reusable for several castings, product developers note, the Geotubes are rigid, stackable up to 26 feet, storable outdoors, easily assembled, and available in a range of diameters. For foundation walls, Geopanels are constructed in various sizes of lightweight plastic and do not require chemical release or cleaning agents. Additionally, the company’s Geosquare product suits square and rectangular pillar work. Geoproducts Midwest
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The 914 Dry-Mix Mobile Batch plant is designed for gunite contractors who desire complete control of their dry-mix material from batching to placement. The unit provides the desired material consistency and volume on site, the manufacturer notes, and delivers the mix to gunite placement equipment. It is available as either a truck-mounted or trailer unit.

The 914 features a 12- to 14-yd. bulk material capacity and a 20-yd./hr. production capacity. The continuous-feed batch plant incorporates the company’s hydraulic ratio-proportioning system and hydraulic drive train. Combined with a gunite machine, such as the Gunite Ridley C-10, the mobile plant offers contractors a self-contained dry-mix operation for building pools, tunnels, embankments and other large-scale construction projects. Airplaco Equipment
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Ezy-Stryp aluminum blockouts for rectangular catch basins and round manholes are lightweight, durable devices to make required pipe openings. The new blockouts are normally combined with one or more Ezy-Stryp button magnets, the manufacturer notes, for a quick way to correctly position the devices within the form. The company’s engineering team has developed a full range of fixed and adjustable blockouts with a minimum 12-in. diameter to meet a wide variety of casting requirements. Spillman Co.
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The resin-modified emulsion product is a proven long-term solution for dust and erosion control, company representatives note, suitable for unpaved roadways, construction sites, haul roads, mine tailings, stockpiles, ash ponds, walking paths and other high-traffic areas. Made from all natural products, Road Oyl is an environmentally safe product effective in controlling PM10 and PM2.5 in large areas. Its high-performance chemical properties permit use in varying climates and weather conditions. Following application of Road Oyl using a standard spray truck, traffic compacts the road into a smooth, dust-free, pavement-like surface. Midwest Industrial Supply
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An external vibration system provides a lightweight, portable plug & play solution for on site mix consolidation. Vibrators on the outside of formwork are activated as the concrete reaches their level, transmitting a pulse that induces consolidation as air bubbles are released to form a denser, more compact, and stronger concrete upon curing. Tension clamps enable quick mounting of the external vibrators (AR 36), which can be used on most common formwork systems without the need for special tools. The force of vibration is adjustable by means of a frequency inverter (FUE 6), allowing the system to be used on a variety of forms while subjecting them to the lowest possible stress. For operator protection, output power is 42 volts, three-phase. According to the manufacturer, jobs involving poor accessibility, difficult geometry, or excessive rebar are especially suited to the plug & play system.

Additionally, the company announces a new hybrid head series for its HMS flex-shaft concrete vibrators. The new heads combine the best properties of the round head with square-head technology, product developers note, providing improved consolidation and high-speed concrete liquification for greater efficiency. The high-amplitude, hybrid head series includes the H 25HA (1-in. diameter), H 35HA (1?-in. diameter), H 45HA (1Ê-in.-diameter), and the H 50HA (2-in. diameter). In combination with the quick-disconnect coupling device for replacement of flexible shafts, heads of different diameters and shafts in varying lengths are said to offer a versatile system when matched with the company’s electric motors. Moreover, the design features an extended transition zone from square to round, allowing for easy removal of the vibrator head from narrowly placed reinforcement rods. Wacker Corp.
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The 820i programmable HMI indicator/controller is said by product developers to advance basic instrumentation programming, allowing users via an intuitive interface to automate formula selection, batch start-up, data recall, or any frequently used process with the push of a button. The company’s iRite IDE (intuitive development environment) PC-based software is standard on the 820i. Incorporating graphical flow charts and eliminating complicated code generation, the software enables linking of command-specific graphics to design or modify a process. Additional built-in software functionality includes programmability for alibi tracking, 25 definable print formats, and multi-range (interval) options. The 820i also stores up to 1,000 truck in/out records and simplifies truck scale data management with six truck modes and keyed tares. Rice Lake Weighing Systems
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The company’s new Century ultra-high-capacity (UHC) retail fuel dispensers are promoted as an economical solution providing high-flow performance without the need for in-dispenser card readers. Offering a maximum flow rate of 60 gpm, the dispensers are available in a wide variety of models, including singles, single-product dual, two-product dual, single and dual satellites, and a master/satellite combination unit. A new two-hose, single-sided version allows two grades or types of fuel to be offered at one fueling point. A matching satellite with two hoses on the same side is also available.

Of particular importance for vehicles with new high-pressure diesel engines, dual internal 40-gpm filters (80-gpm capacity) help maintain optimal flow performance while ensuring fuel purity, the company affirms. The durable dispensers also utilize two field-proven components: a Liquid Controls M-5 high-flow meter and iGEM electronics platform to help maximize efficiency, security and uptime, product developers add. Also standard in the models are an electronic calibration feature, electromechanical totalizer, display back-up, lighted brand panel and hinged doors for easy access. Dresser Wayne
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Indiana Phoenix has designed a front discharge mixer model for use in precast production. The truck offers chute positioning required for a wide range of form charging and, with a limited powertain package suited primarily to yard conditions, provides economy over a conventional model geared to highway speeds and sites requiring six-wheel drive.

The truck has a maximum geared speed of less than 30 mph and is equipped with a 20,000 lb. non-driving front axle and a single drive tandem rated at 46,000 lbs. Its 10-yd. drum is constructed of Hardox 450 brinell steel for maximum life. The truck is powered by a Caterpillar 3126 coupled to an Allison RDS3500 automatic transmission. Û Indiana Phoenix Inc., 260-897-4397; web:


Command Alkon has become the exclusive reseller of ScheduleCom voice scheduling system to the construction materials industry. Developed by CenApps Technologies Inc., ScheduleCom is a voice based schedule publishing and retrieval system designed to accelerate the process of communicating schedule information to employees in dynamic work environments. Using only a Web browser, dispatch personnel can compose and publish a schedule of employees, locations, vehicles and start times. Once the schedule is published, an employee calls into the system from any phone to hear their schedule as well as any company announcements.

Adding ScheduleCom to our Commandseries product suite provides flexibility and savings opportunities for ready mixed and aggregate producers in planning and communicating driver start times, notes CommandAlkon Director of Product Management Lenny Morris. Û 800/624-1872, 205/879-3282.


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