Turning Tables

Thanks to efficient formwork, a tight construction schedule will not compromise the structural integrity or style of one of southern Florida’s latest

Thanks to efficient formwork, a tight construction schedule will not compromise the structural integrity or style of one of southern Florida’s latest real estate developments. Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, The Edge is a residential structure comprising two 16-story, 165-ft.-high towers with adjoining five-level parking facilities. An amenities level on the parking-garage roof will feature a swimming pool, fitness center, and tennis courts overlooking Clear Lake and the downtown city core. Ranging in size from 754 to 1,776 sq. ft., 572 condominium, penthouse and townhouse units were designed by architects Cohen, Friedman, Encinosa and Associates to include 9.8-ft. ceiling heights and generous glass expanses offering lake, city and ocean views.

Pate Construction of Stuart, Fla., is currently building both the 25,824-sq.-ft. West tower and 32,280-sq.-ft. parking garage, consuming about 26,000 yd. of concrete supplied by locally based Rinker Materials. Faced with a demanding schedule and high-quality concrete finish requirements on the exposed ceilings, Pate worked in conjunction with Peri Orlando to develop a comprehensive formwork concept for the project. The structure’s repetitive floor plan and large open-faced fa¡ades prompted selection of the Peri tableform as a cost-effective solution for the slabs. The table head allows props to quickly pivot during transportation and to automatically lock into position when raised by the crane.

Several Peri table-striking and transportation trolleys are used to move the tables to the slab edge where a lifting fork raises them to the next working level. Detailed table flying sequences prepared by Peri engineers expedite the process, allowing productivity rates of flying and setting over 20 tables in less than two hours. Lightweight Peri Multiprop aluminium post shores, as well as PEP 20 and PEP 30 steel tube props, ensure that loads from both the tower and parking structure decks are safely transferred.

A total of 174 tables are used concurrently on the site, including 95 on the West Tower and 79 on the parking structure. Ranging in size from 65 to 538 sq. ft., the tables have been built for use throughout the entire life of the project. Accordingly, they were engineered to accommodate slab retreats on upper levels. An entire row of tables was removed at one point, permitting tables at the edge to slide back and shore the new floor plan dimensions. For this purpose, one table was designed to be separated into halves.

The Peri Trio steel-panel formwork system’s versatility and quick shuttering times contribute to its effectiveness for shear walls throughout the site. Trio column panels are also used due to their easy transportation, one-piece clamp-on chamfer strip, and quick adjustability. A one-piece multi-purpose coupler, Trio BFD, secures connections on both columns and walls and easily handles necessary timber fillers. The preassembled Peri FB 180 provides a convenient working platform for accessing, aligning and supporting Trio wall forms on external shear walls.

Although the site crew, headed by superintendent Gary Coultas, brings over five years’ experience working with Peri systems to the project, it previously had never used the Uniportal system. With support from Peri Orlando, the crew is maintaining a concurrent nine-day cycle on the tower and a 15-day cycle on the garage, comfortably meeting its construction schedule. Residents of The Edge West are expected to occupy their new homes in May 2007.