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STRESSING JACK Promoted by the manufacturer for safe and fast operation in precast/prestressed concrete fabrication, the Paul U.S. 250kN jack is equipped


Promoted by the manufacturer for safe and fast operation in precast/prestressed concrete fabrication, the Paul U.S. 250kN jack is equipped with an internal grip that automatically grabs strand when it starts to extend. Once threaded into the jack, the strand is kept in the center, preventing the jack from tilting during stressing and making it safer to operate than traditional pull-type models. The jack head has a hydraulic lock-off cylinder to provide secure power seating of the anchor wedges. The hydraulic locking head also allows the use of inexpensive, multiple-use open chucks. Hamilton Form Co.
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The Gator Guard is a patented conveyor return-roller guard designed to prevent operators from getting caught between the conveyor belt and the return roller Û and to catch the roller, if it falls. Comprising a flexible polyurethane cage that encases the roller, the guard is specifically designed to meet or exceed MSHA regulations. The Gator Guard’s design also prevents material buildup, reducing possible idler damage and future maintenance. The polyurethane cage and end caps, colored safety yellow, are highly visible as well as corrosion and impact resistant. Argonics Inc.
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Slick-Pak Liquid is the company’s newest addition to its pump primer product line. It is packaged in 3-oz. plastic bottles with 36 bottles in a case. Compared to Slick-Pak and Slick-Pak II, packaged in 8-oz. bags, the new liquid product is smaller and lighter. The mixing method is like that for earlier pump primers; however, users will notice faster and more even mixing with Slick-Pak Liquid, the manufacturer notes. Fritz-Pak
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The Eliminator filtration system for concrete surface grinding allows attachment of any tool in order to reclaim dust at the source. Standard oversized filters are 99.9 percent efficient at 0.5 micron; HEPA filtration is an option on any vacuum for 99.97 percent efficiency at 0.3 micron.

The portable Eliminator system uses three high-powered vacuum motors for increased suction and airflow. A high-efficiency cyclone removes 98 percent of the dust, the manufacturer notes, depositing it into a 30-gal., self-bagging collector for easy machine emptying. The system suits multi-operations, 7-in. grinders with 25-ft. hoses, crack saws, and larger floor grinders. When the vacuum is disconnected and used alone, ultra-fine dust missed by the high-efficiency cyclone is captured by the 28-sq.-ft. filter and can be removed simply with the drop-down dustpan. Latta Equipment
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Introduced by the company as a major upgrade to its RadarTron line of moisture sensors for sand and fine aggregates, model 2450 D has a completely new exterior and interior design incorporating digital electronics. In addition to its analog signal output, it now has a digital RS232 output, compatible with other sensors in its class as well as batching controllers using digital input, such as Command Alkon. Calibration is performed from controller or computer via the RS232 port. A more user-friendly interface is also available through an Ethernet network connection and a web browser on any computer, including a hand-help laptop. No special software is necessary.

While still cylindrical in appearance, the sensor is four inches shorter in length to fit into tighter spaces. It is fully sealed with a waterproof electrical connector. Product developers note that the RadarTron, easily installed in the aggregate bin wall, averages readings from material in the flow region, above the discharge gate, to provide moisture values on each batch to 0.25 percent accuracy. ScaleTron
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Replacing the Manitransit TMT 315, the new TMT 45 Series joins the TMT 55 in the company’s truck-mounted telescopics product line. Product developers note that the TMT 45 model incorporates these enhancements: improved lifting capacity linked to outriggers; lower and more rounded fiberglass hood; lower center of gravity; long boom option; L.E.D. lights; larger tires for rough-terrain applications; stronger frame; wider cab compartment; and, new operator-friendly F/R joystick.

User benefits are said to include a durable and simple design, minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime; complete 360? visibility provided by the boom system to enhance operational safety and variable reach; a sideshift system that virtually eliminates maintenance breakdowns and loss of capacity; optional long boom that provides access to all loads from the same side of the trailer as it eliminates complicated mechanical/hydraulic systems and/or moving masts; compliance with all applicable ROPS and FOPS ratings; and, easy access to all components for routine maintenance. Manitou North America
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Company introduces an all new CEMA-rated idler line with a slotted shaft design reportedly allowing convenient roll replacement in any idler frame to help decrease downtime. CEMA B, C, D, and E idlers are available in all diameters and belt widths. The full line of replacement rolls offers a hex nut adaptor for those with hex nut brackets and frames. Superior Industries
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The B.E.P. System-HG Û reportedly the world’s first hand- and gang-set aluminum form panel system Û and the Quick-Tach Window Buck Panel and Frame System debuted at the 2006 World of Concrete. The System-HG suits residential or light-commercial construction; can be set in an individual or gang panel format; and is compatible with all other forming systems. It is produced in smooth, all-brick finishes as well as Georgian stone and adobe brick with all popular hole patterns. Its heavy, flat, 2-in. side-rail construction eliminates concrete leakage and bowing. The new system can be ganged together with the company’s Quick Clamp/Whaler Bracket System, and every panel features the reusable Power Taper Tie System, reducing standard wall tie replacement costs.

The Quick-Tach Window Buck Panel and Frame System allows residential or commercial contractors to install egress or above-grade window frames in seconds, as it slides into position and locks into place, eliminating shift during pours and the need for nails, self-tapping screws and other methods traditionally used to secure frames. Fully adjustable up to four feet in either direction, the frame can be installed from one side, resulting in perfectly centered windows as well as reduced labor costs. B.E.P. Forming Systems
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The 270 model is designed to provide cleaner air along with what product engineers note are greater reliability, significantly less vibration and quieter operation. The new air compressor was released in April on the company’s C13 engine and will be widely available in 2007.

The 270 uses two cylinders for better balance that reportedly impart significantly less vibration in selected chassis. Product developers assert that noise is up to a full two decibels lower than competitive models, while the new air compressor is even more effective at supplying air. Reliability and durability also are enhanced by a cast iron piston, they add. Moreover, installation of the compressor is simplified by fewer required parts and hardware. Additionally, the Cat 270 will reportedly offer better oil control to minimize oil carryover that degrades cleanliness of the air supply. Longer head bolts and full-length, water-cooled cylinder bores provide optimum clamp loading and cooler discharge air for reduced bore distortion and improved oil carryover. Caterpillar Power
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Allowing contractors to make large cuts with little effort, the manufacturer notes, the new CS-7060 walk-behind saw features stay-level handles that remain level regardless of the saw’s operating position. Coupled with the saw’s moving center of gravity for optimal balance in all cutting applications, these handles minimize operator fatigue and significantly reduce the risk of back injury while boosting productivity, according to product developers. Fueled by a 60-hp Deutz diesel engine, the CS-7060 saw has a 36-in. blade capacity and a maximum cutting depth of 15 inches. The unit weighs 1,725 lb.

The CS Series pavement saw features a patent-pending clutchless bladeshaft disengaging system, whereby the bladeshaft rotation can be stopped or started with a flick of a switch while the engine is running. Safety is thus improved for the saw operator and others within the immediate area, while eliminating the risk of damage to the saw or blade. The saw also incorporates a vibration-control mounting system to cut handle bar vibration, minimizing related injuries and extending component life. Stow Construction Equipment
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Quarterly testing for pump operators offers what the company notes is inexpensive insurance against premature component wear. The Analysis Kit includes a sample bottle, simple questionnaire, and prepaid mailer. Testing involves extracting an oil sample as instructed, packaging it, and dropping it in the mail. Owners receive a particle and water content report, plus recommendations based on the concrete pump’s parameters. Online reports also highlight the severity of results, oil viscosity, and a photomicrograph of actual system contaminants. Although oil analysis does not replace regular maintenance, the manufacturer contends, regular testing can extend the life of a pump and prevent costly downtime. Schwing America
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Cyclonaire Corp. is hosting a Sept. 12-14 seminar devoted to key aspects of pneumatic conveying. Based at the CycloTech System Proving Facility in York, Neb., The Theory and Practice of Pneumatic Conveying, will include live demonstrations of full-scale pneumatic conveying systems, plus roundtable discussions. Sessions will cover topics ranging from the basics of pneumatic conveying to system design (including the main theoretical and practical aspects of dilute, semi-dense, and dense phase conveying), troubleshooting techniques, and complex process interface.

Among presenters are Paul Solt, principal consultant at Pneumatic Conveying Consultants; Joe Marinelli, consultant for Solids Handling Technologies; and, Scott Schmid, vice president of engineering at Cyclonaire. The targeted audience encompasses plant supervisors, system designers, process engineers, and potential buyers at all levels of familiarity with pneumatic conveying. Û Cyclonaire, 800/445-0730


Montreal-based Scale-Tron Corp. and Sicoma (Societ∑ Italiana Costruzione Macchine) of Perugia, Italy, have announced a line of mixers and mix delivery equipment available through a North American venture formed last year. Sicoma’s products include twin shaft, planetary/countercurrent, turbine and continuous mixers, plus overhead handling systems such as side rail traveling hoppers, flying buckets and traveling, swiveling conveyors. In combination with Scale-Tron’s plant-control technology and iron from allied company, McCoy Equipment, Sicoma North America is providing new plants and upgrades for existing facilities. Product offerings include:

Twin-shaft mixers Û The MAO series twin-shaft mixer has fast spiral mixing action, giving it the ability to produce concrete quickly and at high cement binding efficiency. In addition, it has the most heavily reinforced frame in the industry, company representatives note, eliminating distortion under heavy load, which can twist and destroy shaft seals and bearings in lighter models. Its belt reducer and two-stage planetary gearbox reportedly runs cooler than others, requiring no separate oil cooler, even for continuous 24/7 duty. The manufacturer cites other standard features, including more paddles, extra-hard liner plates with offset joints for reduced wear, electric variable-flow grease pump, fluid level and temperature alarm monitor, easy-access single-day shaft and bearing replacement, plus air-purged shaft seals. Options include power washout, reduced-size discharge and double discharge doors. Sizes range from 3 to 12 yd. with hourly output from 80 to 320 yd.

Planetary mixers Û The MP series planetary/countercurrent mixer offers what company officials note are time and materials savings. All models have a generous pan size, enabling them to mix small or large batches with equal ease Û up to their full capacity Û as well as a large reduction gearbox whose oversize gears provide cool running and extra-long life. Up to four discharge doors can be fitted, all with waterproof rubber seals and eccentric nonjamming action. Angled for optimum wear, three-blade-equipped mixing arms can discharge a full-capacity load in 20 seconds; and, tight clearances for all moving parts facilitate cleanout. Other features include integrated water distribution that doubles as a washout system and a one-piece half-moon hydraulically raised cover that gives access for cleaning and adjustments. Sizes ranging from 0.1 to 5 yd. yield up to 110 yd./hour.

Traveling hoppers Û Flying buckets and discharge systems suit wet and dry cast operations. The side rail traveling hopper runs on two rails arranged vertically, allowing cranes and other equipment full freedom of movement up to the plant wall, while traveling, swiveling conveyors feed through walls to an adjacent bay. Other products such as flying rollover buckets, crane-bridge mounted hoppers and pneumatically operated buckets deliver concrete up 25-degree gradients and around tight bends to multiple casting stations. Combined with the company’s SmartControl wireless communication system, the overhead handling systems are said by product developers to offer fast and reliable service, as evidenced by many years’ field testing in Europe. Û


Sika Corp. has announced a full line of admixtures for dry-cast applications, marketed under the Sikamix brand and especially suited to building and landscaping masonry units, hollow core plank, and pipe. It includes:

  • Sikamix AE-1: An efflorescence-controlling admixture that significantly reduces or eliminates primary efflorescence
  • Sikamix W-10: A waterproofing admixture that allows for the production of waterproof concrete masonry units
  • Sikamix NCA: A strength-enhancing admixture that is based on the Sika Rapid Technology and allows producers to save on heating or curing costs.

Other products include a full range of plasticizers to improve appearance and cost optimize mix designs for a variety of applications. Û