Cavity Design Invites Block Insulation, Rebar Fillings

With the introduction of the proprietary Omni Block, masonry stands to gain even greater traction in the field of building. Combining concrete’s strength,

With the introduction of the proprietary Omni Block, masonry stands to gain even greater traction in the field of ÎgreenÌ building. Combining concrete’s strength, durability, and ease of maintenance with the insulation value of foam inserts, the Omni Block system offers what product developers note are increased energy savings in addition to a host of features that promote sustainable building.

As the name ÎOmniÌ suggests, the unit’s configuration provides versatility for an impressive range of applications. One interior cavity accommodates a long foam insert, while a second holds either a short foam insert or rebar and grout to suit engineering requirements. Additional inserts link adjacent blocks.

The interior block face can be left natural or finished to match other drywall. Finishing options for the exterior face Û besides natural Û include stain, paint, stucco, integral color, scoring, split-faced or burnished.

The insulated concrete block suits residential, civic, and commercial applications, lowering utility bills by at least 30 percent, product developers note, while increasing structural integrity. The mortar-laid Omni Block system creates a sealed external wall that Û like other masonry products Û provides enhanced durability and structural stability for minimal maintenance and repairs. Unlike conventional CMU, however, insulated block requires no sheathing, vapor wrap, siding, furring strips, additional insulation, or drywall.

According to product developers, Omni Block insulation values range from R-13.6 (steady state) to R-24.6 (ASHRAE IES 90.1 calculations) due to foam inserts that provide a thermal barrier. Further benefits include higher R-value/cost ratios and greater thermal mass, thermal lag, and thermal fly-wheel effects. Plus, hot or cold spots in the wall structure are eliminated.

Additionally, Omni Block buildings incorporate environmentally friendly, green building materials that are fire, mold, pest, wind and noise resistant. The wall system’s low toxicity and outgassing levels also maximize interior comfort levels while providing an overall healthier and safer indoor environment.
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