Icpi Finalizes Concrete Block Paving Conference Program

Keynoting the 8th International Conference on Concrete Block Paving, Sustainable Paving for Our Future, in San Francisco, Nov. 6-8, will be Neil Weinstein,

Keynoting the 8th International Conference on Concrete Block Paving, Sustainable Paving for Our Future, in San Francisco, Nov. 6-8, will be Neil Weinstein, P.E., executive director and co-founder of the Low Impact Development (LID) Center, Inc. Conference host, ICPI Foundation for Education & Research, reports that Weinstein will discuss sustainability through low-impact design, related initiatives, and life-cycle assessment, as well as opportunities for which the interlocking concrete pavement industry is uniquely positioned with respect to emerging LID.

A nonprofit organization, the LID Center focuses on research and implementation of innovative and sustainable stormwater strategies and techniques. Weinstein is a registered environmental engineer and landscape architect and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and the American Society of Civil Engineers Urban Water Resources Research Council. His forecasts and ideas will highlight expansion possibilities, particularly as sustainability, life-cycle assessment, and low-impact development are increasingly emphasized in the design community.

ICPI and other organizers have outlined scheduled conference session topics or themes, including these from North American industry representatives (by category):

Permeable Pavements

  • Wholistic design of segmental concrete permeable pavements
  • Resilient modulus testing of open graded drainage layer aggregates for interlocking concrete block pavements
  • Five years’ research of permeable pavements in eastern North Carolina: surface clogging, long-term runoff, and pollutant removal
  • Porous pavement: progress in technology and design
  • Evaluation of various types of permeable pavement with respect to water quality improvement and flood control

Recycled Materials

  • Recycling tires as stay-in-place forms for pavers

Sustainable Urban and Environmental Design

  • Wheelchair-pavement interaction
  • Pattern language of concrete pavers
  • Life-cycle assessment and sustainable attributes of segmental concrete pavement


  • Hi-tech solutions to molding problems encountered in zero slump concrete products
  • Sustainability as applied to production systems

Port and Industrial Pavement

  • Development of paving standards for larger projects in North America

Education and Training

  • Development of educational tools for ICPs

Innovative Technologies

  • A design for paving using vertically interlocking articulated concrete mats


  • High-performance edging system: the use of simple, innovative and cost-effective edge-restraint system for driveways
  • Applied ergonomics: the use of human factors and ergonomics for improving safety and productivity in the paver business

National Product and Pavement Design Standards

  • A North American design standard for concrete block pavement
  • Best practice design for concrete pavers for municipal applications

The conference is cosponsored by the Transportation & Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Society of Landscape Architects. Platinum sponsors include ACM Chemistries, Basalite, Besser, Cambridge Pavers, Columbia Machine, Hess Machinery, Oldcastle Architectural, Pathfinder, Pavers by Ideal, Pavestone Co., Rekers, St. Marys Cement, Techni-Seal, Unilock Ltd., Uni-Group, CTI Inc. and Zenith Equipment. Further information on the program is available at www.icpiconferences.org.