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HIAB, INC. The M Class range of Moffett truck-mounted forklifts introduced by former Cargotec Inc. is said to offer improved performance, visibility,


The M Class range of Moffett truck-mounted forklifts introduced by former Cargotec Inc. is said to offer improved performance, visibility, stability, ergonomics and robust styling. Upgraded components and materials along with a 24-month warranty reportedly ensure reduced cost of ownership.

Two models developed for the masonry industry are the M50 and M50P (for one-side unloading). The latter features a Pantograph extended reach and Lift Assist arms, enabling the machine to be rated in accordance with ASME B56.6 to lift 5,000 lb. from the far side of the truck/trailer bed.
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The PiggyBack PBX truck-mounted forklift can off-load and deliver an entire load from just one side of virtually any truck or trailer. Its 5,000-lb., cross-deck capacity makes it suitable for delivering heavy-duty building materials more efficiently to highly congested construction sites.

The PBX model, with its SOLO (Single-side, Off-Loading Operation) capability, is the second generation of double-reach machines from the manufacturer and offers reductions in typical delivery time and costs, minimizing overall transport-vehicle wear and permitting easier delivery at congested or heavily obstructed sites. Standard features and options include 86-, 120- or 144-in., two-stage masts; SOLO scissors-reach mechanism with 77-in. forward reach; Trac-Loc drive control; anti-stall hydraulic drive system; overhead weather shield; load support arms; a cold weather kit; and a Tier II 52- or 62-hp Turbo CAT diesel.
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Company’s P-Series is touted as one of the industry’s most compact, heavy-duty pneumatic liftrucks. The low-profile counterweight is shorter in height and length than most liftrucks in its class, allowing better visibility and tighter turning. Built for demanding applications such as precast concrete, its standard features include a Cummins diesel engine, Rockwell planetary drive axle, and outboard wet-disc brakes. The series is offered in capacities up to 36,000 lbs., with two- and three-stage masts available.
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The design of the new S series rough-terrain forklift is said by the manufacturer to optimize safety, visibility, ergonomics and accessibility. The operator platform is rubber mounted to reduce noise and vibration levels, thus boosting productivity and reducing fatigue. Visibility through the See-Thru roller mast also has been improved to increase safety. Capacity range is 6,000 to 12,000 lb., and all models are equipped with the new Perkins 1100 Tier II emission diesel engine. Optional equipment includes four-wheel drive, enclosed cab, air conditioning, fork positioning and a wide selection of lift heights.
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Medium-duty forklifts provide durability and easy maintenance for lift-truck efficiency and value, the manufacturer notes. Featuring 19,800- to 40,000-lb.lifting capacities, vehicles can adapt to user needs.

The fully enclosed Spirit Delta cab is said to offer comfort and ergonomics for operators. With FlexCab or FlexGuard, a user can tailor the cab for a specific operation, whether it be a covered cab, open safety cage, or a windscreen. With a flexible system of carriages, forks and attachments, the vehicles offer a range of handling solutions. The fork carriages are available with hydraulic side-shift and fork positioning.

The forklifts offer a combination of lift and flexibility. Masts are available in 2-stage standard or 2- and 3-stage, full free-lift designs. All are equipped with performance roller bearings. With service intervals at 500 hours, maintenance costs can be reduced by as much as 15 percent. Daily inspection service points are accessible from the ground.
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