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BULK BAG UNLOADERS SPEED TRANSFER, BACK UP TRUCK AND RAIL PortoVeyor bulk bag unloaders provide pneumatic transfer of material from bulk bags into silos


PortoVeyor bulk bag unloaders provide pneumatic transfer of material from bulk bags into silos that are normally serviced by pneumatic trailers or railcars. When normal trailer and rail service are available, the skid-mounted PortoVeyor can be moved out of the way until needed again. For any free-flowing dry-bulk material shipped in bulk bags, PortoVeyor allows safe handling and clean unloading, the manufacturer notes. Ruggedly built, moveable PortoVeyor unloaders can be customized with optional hoists and lifting frames to support and unload all sizes and styles of bulk bags without slippage or spills.

Self-contained PortoVeyor unloaders are reportedly most suitable for keeping plants productive when bulk truck or rail delivery is interrupted. They open bags and convey contents, while also cleaning up nuisance dust. Bulk bags empty into a receiving hopper, which is fitted with a motor-driven rotary valve that meters contents into convey lines. An integral pulse jet dust collector mounted above the hopper helps maintain a clean working environment and returns product dust to the hopper for transfer. A blower package also mounted on the skid supplies convey air to move material pneumatically from the hopper discharge to its destination.

Frames are constructed of heavy-duty welded and bolted tubular steel for durability and operator safety. While carbon steel frames and hoppers are standard, stainless steel is also an option. The bag hoist can be manual, pneumatic, or electric. The optional trolley that places suspended bags into position over the discharge hopper can be manual or motorized. A bag-splitter mechanism cuts bags open inside the hopper to eliminate spills. Available bag massagers assist in thoroughly emptying bags without manual operator intervention. Units come with NEMA 4 controls, but controls sealed to meet other NEMA ratings, including NEMA 7/9, may be ordered.

Multiple options combined with flexibility in frame sizing allows PortoVeyer bulk bag unloaders to be adapted to specific user needs. Rotary airlocks appropriate for the materials handled and the application are available in carbon or stainless steel. They feature precision-machined rotors with large shaft diameters to minimize deflection and heavy-duty ANSI flanges to resist distortion. Cyclonaire Corp.
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The LS40, LS50TD and LS60TD pumps provide volume outputs from 40 to 60 yd. per hour and handle ?- to 1_-in.-diam. aggregates. Replacing ST Series units, the LS Series features vertical and horizontal pumping distances up to 300 and 1,200 feet, respectively, due to upgrades in piston face pressure (to 925 psi on the LS40 and LS50TD and 1,000 psi on the LS60TD).

All three LS Series concrete pumps come standard with a hopper remixer, 10-cu.-ft. hopper capacity, hydraulic oil cooler, and 6- _ 36-in. concrete cylinders. Most significant among advances from the predecessor ST Series, the manufacturer notes, are high-velocity heat exchangers to cool the hydraulics, extra-strength grates with reinforced splash covers, 40-gal. fuel tanks, and improved lubrication systems. And, the pumps’ potted solid-state circuitry eliminates vibration for greater durability and consistent high performance, developers add.

One person can operate any of the LS Series pumps and manually jog the main hydraulic cylinders or instantaneously reverse the pumping action to prevent plugging. Multiquip Inc.
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Manufacturer offers transit to central mixed plant conversions using the RollMaster mixer, a stationary, reverse drum vessel operating on four rubber or urethane wheels. The service offers these company-cited benefits: better mixes of more consistent quality and slump retention; longer mixer truck and drum service life and attendant fuel economy; higher yd./hour capacities and faster truck turnaround; and reduced truck washing and maintenance due to RollMaster mixer’s dust controls.

Product engineers also note that RollMaster has no hydraulics or moving parts; low operating cost and extended service longevity; environmentally friendly operating characteristics; low-noise operation due to the rubber or urethane wheels and stationary operating mode; and a design based on widely available motors and parts; and, a power meter for quick reading of slump levels. Compared to tilt drum altneratives, the manufacturer notes, RollMaster has reduced structural and foundation requirements within a smaller footprint. BMH Systems
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Continental Mfg. has announced distribution of Rich Fiber, a glass fiber material, coated to enhance durability and strength. Produced in different grades for varying applications, from highway construction to stucco, it can be added to ready mixed in bag form, or injected into the mix as chopped roving of various lengths by way of equipment at the plant or on the transit mixer.

Test results indicate that Rich Fiber has the potential to strengthen the finished product and increase overall cured material strength. The fiber exhibits flexural and tensile strength and resistance to chemical and thermal deterioration. Additionally, the fiber does not interfere with concrete finishing.

The specific gravity of Rich Fiber is close to that of ready mixed, thereby allowing it to disperse evenly throughout. Therefore, the cured concrete is expected to receive overall enhanced strength. Continental stocks bags of Rich Fiber as well as the rovings, and also offers a roving cutter/injector. Û, 800/231-6496