Aci Releases Structural, Residential Publications

The American Concrete Institute announces the availability of the first-ever Spanish edition of ACI 318, along with other new titles. The documents can

The American Concrete Institute announces the availability of the first-ever Spanish edition of ACI 318, along with other new titles. The documents can be ordered from ACI by calling 248/848-3800 or by visiting the online bookstore at

  • 301-05 Û Specifications for Structural Concrete covers materials and proportioning of concrete; reinforcing and prestressing steels; production, placing, finishing, and curing of concrete; and, formwork design and construction. Specified are treatment methods for joints and embedded items, repair of surface defects, and finishing of formed and unformed surfaces. Separate sections are devoted to specialty concretes: architectural, lightweight, prestressed, mass, and shrinkage-compensating. Provisions governing testing, evaluation, and acceptance of concrete as well as acceptance of the structures are included. $75.50 (ACI members $45.00)

  • 318-05 Û Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary (Requisitos De Reglamento Para Concreto Estructural Y Comentario) offers a standard for all concrete design, construction, inspection, repair, and research professionals, as it contains the latest code requirements for concrete building design and construction with corresponding commentary. To improve readability, the 2005 edition has unified notations and terminology throughout the code. In addition, several specific technical changes and various existing provisions have been clarified. A full description of all topics covered in the publication can be found at ACI 318-05 is deemed to satisfy the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 19338, Performance Assessment Requirements for Design Standards on Structural Concrete. Now available in English, metric, and Spanish versions. $153.50 (ACI members $93.00)

  • 332-04 Û Requirements for Residential Concrete Construction and Commentary covers in its code portion the proper design and construction of cast-in-place one- and two-family dwellings and multiple single-family dwellings (townhouses) and their accessory structures. The code has been written so that it may be adopted by reference in a general building code. Among topics covered are design and construction requirements for footings, plain concrete, and reinforced foundation walls; slabs-on-ground; and, the requirements for concrete, reinforcement, forms, and other related materials. Commentary discusses considerations used in developing the code, giving emphasis to clarification of new or revised provisions that may be unfamiliar to users or points departing significantly from other concrete codes. $51.50 (ACI members $31.00)

  • 423.3R-05 Û Recommendations for Concrete Members Prestressed with Unbonded Tendons is a guide for the design of flexural concrete members in buildings post-tensioned with unbonded tendons. Suggestions are offered regarding this subject for revisions and additions to ACI 318. Consideration is given to determination of fire endurance as well as design for seismic forces, catastrophic loadings, and gravity and lateral loads. Recommendations concerning details and properties of tendons, protection against corrosion, and construction procedures are presented. $51.50 (ACI members $31.00)

  • 551.1R-05 Û Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Guide, commonly used in low-rise building construction, discusses many planning and construction-related issues essential to a quality tilt-up project. Major topics include preconstruction planning, foundations, special considerations for slab-on-ground construction, wall panel forming and casting, panel erection, connections and repairing, plus painting. $45.50 (ACI members $27.00)