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The stock market rocks, the 2020 economy rolls on

By Pierre Villere

I can’t help but follow up on my column from a couple of months ago when I opined that a strong stock market was a harbinger of the economy, and what lies ahead. Now that 2019 and the decade it capped have come to an end, it’s worth reviewing the markets and what they foreshadow. In addition, the many geopolitical pressures from various directions don’t even seem to be moving the needle on the economy in particular, and sentiment as a driver of the underlying economy in general. Let’s take a look at both.

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Deserving Recognition

by Pierre G. Villere

My late business partner Bill Allen was an institution in the ready mixed concrete industry, and I was fortunate to spend 15 years working beside him and learning from a master. Industry education was of utmost importance to Bill, and he felt that because of our firm’s success, we had an obligation to give back, constantly teaching our industry how to improve financial performance, operations and safety through education.

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A breath of fresh air from the National Association of Home Builders

By: Pierre G. Villere

The top line economic indicators are mixed these days, but we remain bullish at our firm about the future of the construction industry. My frustration is with the press, from CNBC to the major news networks on both the conservative and liberal sides of the political spectrum, with their need to fill the day with news. This results in long, anguished speculation about the state of the economy, and just more of the Chicken Little Syndrome, as I call it (“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”).

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Will headwinds from the global economy affect us?

By Pierre Villere

As this column was going to press in early November, the U.S. stock markets were breaking records and reaching all-time highs. Many in the economics and investing community were holding their breaths as we tip-toed through third-quarter earnings season for America’s publicly traded companies, big and small. The high-level concern going into earnings season was that the slowing U.S. economy would unleash a spate of poor reports, and the stock market would confirm what many bears had predicted: the slowdown is here. Well, it didn’t happen.

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What Recession?

By: Pierre G. Villere

My wife and I were traveling recently, and we had made a reservation at a popular restaurant in the town where we were visiting. When we arrived promptly for our reservation time, the hostess politely told us it would be 15 to 20 minutes before we could be seated. We gladly sat at the bar, observing the restaurant and all the comings and goings. But one fact struck me as odd: 25 percent of the tables were empty. So on our way out, I asked the hostess about this and asked about the wait, and she explained what we all know about the current employment picture: They can’t hire enough servers and kitchen staff to maximize the restaurant’s seating capacity.

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