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“Determining the Carbon Footprint of Wood” (PCA R&D 3287) is a valuable work based on Portland Cement Association-sponsored research. The timely report tracks trees and forests’ carbon dioxide-sequestering capacity, one of the value propositions wood building product interests channel to green-building practitioners; paints rationale for the wood industry to document carbon accounting methods transparently, especially when product is not sourced from a sustainably managed forest; and, helps cast-in-place concrete, precast and masonry construction practitioners respond to competitors’ claims of environmental mettle.

Competitive Enterprise Institute Fellow Bill Frezza classifies capitalists by tactics and wealth sources: Crony Capitalists obtain riches through government favors, exhibit “willingness to use the coercive powers of government to gain an advantage they could not earn in the market,” and are “happy to help themselves to money from the public treasury [through] subsidies that flow directly into their coffers.” By contrast, Market Capitalists satisfy “willing customers through free exchange,” risk “their own money to earn their own rewards,” and “meet their rival[s] in open competition, may the best products win.”