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Trimble paving machine control speeds trains, cuts wasted mix volumes

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Trimble Civil Engineering & Construction Division’s PCS900 Paving Control System Version 2.2 enables Gomaco Corp. and Guntert & Zimmerman-equipped contractors to precisely steer concrete placer/spreader machines and set slab elevation according to a 3D model. The resulting alignment eliminates labor requirements attending machine guidance through manual or slab edge string line methods, and accelerates concrete mix spread rate.

18 Trimbleii 400A Global Navigation Satellite System-based 3D placer/spreader control with base station, Trimble engineers note: a) allows paving contractors to move their system display, radio, sensor and receiver devices between more machines in their fleets; and, b) affords existing users an upgrade option bringing a faster return on their technology investment. Version 2.2 of the PCS900 system is available for Gomaco models with G22 or G+ machine controllers through Gomaco Corp. in North America; and, Guntert & Zimmerman models running the EGON machine control system through Trimble’s worldwide Sitech Technology Dealer Channel. — Trimble Civil Engineering & Construction Division, Dayton, Ohio;