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Pumping group outlines safe practices for double-ended hoses

The newest American Concrete Pumping Association safety bulletin addresses proper methods for using concrete delivery hoses with two ends, underscoring their differing purposes when compared to single-end models.

“It’s important for concrete contractors and concrete pumpers to understand when and where to use each type, as double-ended concrete delivery hoses increase the potential for serious personal injury when used as an end hose,” says ACPA Executive Director Christi Collins. “The new bulletin responds to a need in the industry for education about the hazards of using double-ended concrete delivery hoses.” Continually updating safety resources is part of ACPA’s mission to foster and promote a positive safety culture within the concrete pumping industry, she adds.

“Safe Practices for the Intended Use of Concrete Delivery and End Hoses” complements the association’s extensive safety library and is available for free download at the Safety/Training page.

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Additional information on the “Safe Practices for the Intended Use of Concrete Delivery and End Hoses” bulletin and other safety resources can be obtained from the ACPA national office, 614/431-5618,