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Manufacturer has tailored hydraulic- and diesel-powered vacuum lifting devices for product or structure handling at construction sites and precast or concrete pipe plants. All systems feature wireless remote operation and 360-deg. rotation to position loads without a tag line operator. They offer an alternative to hook, sling or chain handling, and help limit the number of crew members in a load’s path.

Germann Instruments has unveiled ICAR Plus Rheometer, citing a strong motor, personalized electronics and more comprehensive software than the predecessor model. ICAR Plus’ principal advantage is a digital calibration process affording operators a ready to use system under any environment and working condition. Calibrated on-site, it can be verified in the laboratory with the same silicone as the ICAR Rheometer.

Precast site furnishings common in settings from municipal streetscapes to McDonald’s and Target locations positioned Wisconsin’s Wausau Tile among the first producers to establish a national concrete brand. One of the key means of supporting and building that brand is a delivery service catering to non-contractor customers who are not equipped for heavy lifting or repairing concrete damaged in transit.

As composites of fibers embedded in polymeric resins, fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) have emerged as an alternative to steel for concrete reinforcing bars, offering weight savings, strength and corrosion-rooted durability advantages, and longer service life. Manufacturing advances have positioned FRP rebar as competitive with conventional steel reinforcement, and very competitive with higher performance epoxy-coated and stainless steel rebar, according to A-Lok Products.

The FloorMES E9 is a hands-on tool for supervising and planning precast floor element production. The automated manufacturing execution system (MES) from Finland’s Elematic Oyj and Wisconsin-based Elematic Inc. optimizes and balances the production plan and schedules; monitors work process against the original plan; and, engineers note, spells an end to manual processes and paper piles that have accompanied hollow core fabrication.