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Material flow sensor

Binmaster A non-intrusive instrument for various material handling applications, Flow Detect 2000 prevents downtime caused by blockage, conveyors running empty, no material flow to-and-from a process, or loose slide gates that can cause production loss and equipment failure. The microwave-based instrument tracks flow conditions of powders and granules in gravity chutes, feeders, pipelines, conveyor belts, or bucket elevators. 

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Parts storage system

VidmarAdjustable racking system affords storage flexibility, the manufacture notes: Moveable pallets, as opposed to fixed shelves, can be continually adjusted or expanded to meet a facility’s evolving storage needs. Pallet racking provides 25,000 lb. capacity per storage selection and is available at a height of up to 16 feet for maximum vertical storage space.

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Voice Command/Audible Alarm Systems

PatliteSmart Alert and MP3 Smart Alert Series audible alarms are used for industrial settings to quickly and clearly alert individuals of an emergency or critical situation. The Smart Alert systems utilize various alarms and the MP3 Smart Alert systems utilize the latest in voice and alarm technology and are specifically designed to attract the attention needed in noisy or hectic situations with a loud, yet clear audible command or alarm. Models range from the BSV series that measures 3 in. square and puts out 87dB at 1 meter to the EHS series horn that delivers 110 dB at 1 meter.

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Mack offers assistance for clean diesel grant applications

To help customers maximize their return on investment, Mack Trucks has enlisted an organization to assist dealers and customers navigate the grant process to obtain public funding for alternative fuel- and clean diesel-powered vehicles. Sustainability Initiatives Group will maintain an inventory of timely federal and state grant information; offer summaries on relevant grant opportunities; and, assist in the grant application process, including the writing of the grant.

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Recycled paperboard forming solutions

WireholderWith integrated manufacturing of 100 percent recycled paperboard and construction products, the company has recently introduced NewForm WireHolder rebar chairs; PoliGloss concrete forming tubes, leaving a smooth finish without spiral seam markings during concrete pouring; and, NewForm with DuPont Zemdrain liner, whose wicking properties improve drying and curing time, and increase finished columns’ surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

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