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Ryder service integrates fuel management activities, data logging

Ryder Fuel Services has designed its Fuel Management service offerings to provide storage tank owners and operators with a single source to manage all activities and data associated with purchasing, storing and consuming fuel. This system of centralized, computer-based fuel management control is crucial to driving supply-chain efficiencies and improving fuel-supply system performance.

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Drill-driven mixing Paddles

CS Unitec’s mixing paddles are now available with a new Hex Shank design. The ⅝-in. hex shank provides a universal fit for use with geared chucks on drill motors, as well as traditional mixers. CS Unitec’s mixing paddles can be supplied in a variety of helical configurations and other designs for mixing an assortment of materials. The paddle’s blade design mixes the product from the bottom up, eliminating the possibility of air entering into the material. The paddles are made of robust welded steel and are galvanized for protection against corrosion and resistance against abrasion.  CS Unitec, Inc.;

Hot melt adhesive speeds precast form bonding

Suited for bonding reveal, chamfer, form liners, weld plates and structural and other architectural elements in all types of precast concrete forms, the new Power Adhesive hot melt system consists of Casttec adhesive, applied in dots, beads or a spray pattern using one of three heavy-duty TEC glue guns. Its replaces commonly used double-sided tape, solvent-based adhesives, bolting, nailing, silicon or other fastening systems; Casttec bonds to all material types common in the industry including wood, foam, most plastics and some metals.

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