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Work Boots

Molded from lightweight EVA resin, the Cruiser work boot has no seams to leak and no buckles to fail. Also, the EVA closed-cell polymer used in the boot is completely waterproof. The manufacturer notes that at just 2.1 lbs. per pair, Cruisers are virtual featherweights compared to other boots in their class, yet are tough enough to stand up to challenges like rebar wire ties that can shred ordinary PVC boots.

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Equipment tracking

Managing the transfer and location of site-specific remote assets can be complex and often inaccurate. Zonar’s new ZTrak reduces liability of sensitive cargo, recovery of missing equipment and helps asset managers coordinate logistics and track the locations of valuable material.

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Curing, sealing compound

Vocomp-20, a water-based acrylic curing and sealing compound, can be quickly and easily applied to simultaneously cure and/or seal new interior or exterior as well as vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces. The compound is formulated using special acrylic polymers in a true water-based carrier. Once properly applied, Vocomp-20 provides a durable film for efficient moisture retention.

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