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Access door hardware

Company’s Type J-AL aluminum access doors are now available with standard stainless steel hardware, enhancing the corrosion-resistance of the product and performance in corrosive environments. Delivered in a single- or double-leaf design and reinforced for 300 PSF or H20 loading conditions, Type J-AL doors provide access to underground areas, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, commercial and institutional buildings, and public utilities.

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Surface treatment

The three-step/three-component Hydrostop Restore & Protect system, product developers note, will repair and extend the life of aging concrete infrastructure and buildings; suits above-grade concrete structures exposed to harsh environmental conditions; avoids immediate replacement of deteriorated, but sound structures; and, reduces long-term maintenance costs.

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Masonry tool

Head Joint and Heritage blades offer controlled cuts and precision for mortar removal on vertical joints and very narrow mortar joints, and are available as aftermarket accessories for the company’s AS170 Brick and Mortar saw. With a 3⅛-in. cutting depth and ¼-in. cutting width, the Head Joint blades suit cleaning out vertical mortar joints. The Heritage blades’ reduced cutting width of ⅛ inch and their level of precision and control, make them ideal for cleaning out the narrow lime mortar joints typically found in historic buildings. Both blades feature the new high performance improved carbide formula and tooth design and high temperature brazing.

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