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Manufacturers machine twin shaft, planetary and pan models for rapid cycles, binder efficiency, and safe, low maintenance operation.

Mixer Systems Inc.
Company has full plant mixer program spanning its heritage pan-type model, the Turbin, plus planetary, horizontal shaft paddle/spiral blade, and twin shaft equipment. The Turbin mixer series has six models, 50 through 450, with .5- to 4.5-yd. output capacities. Mixer Systems reports delivery of 3,000-plus Turbin models around the world. 

Introduced in 2006 as the first domestically manufactured model of its kind, the company’s planetary mixer is offered in five sizes of 0.5- to 4-yd. output, numbered according to capacity. The mixers can produce thoroughly blended product in as little as 30 seconds.

The horizontal shaft paddle/spiral blade mixer series, evolved from the Praschak brand Mixer Systems added in 1984, spans Models 16, 21, 30, 54, 81 and 100, numbered by cubic foot output. The company’s latest equipment offerings, the TS 4.0 and 6.0 twin shaft models, have 4-yd. and 6-yd. output capacity. Like the Turbin pan, planetary and horizontal shaft models, the twin shaft mixers are manufactured at Mixer Systems’ 86,000-sq.-ft. operation near Milwaukee. — 262/691-3100; 

Sicoma North America Inc.
Company’s MAO twin shaft mixer is a high-performance, high-efficiency model capable of mixing the complete spectrum of product, from low slump to complex high slump concrete. Available in 10 models, MAO 1500 to 12000, with 1.3- to 10.5-yd. output capacity, and equipped for mix production in 30- to 60-second cycles. A leak proof discharge door, swing out drive assembly, and automatic washout system make the MAO easy to use and maintain, product engineers note.

The MP Planetary Mixer series includes 10 models, 375 to 6000, with .3- to 5.3-yd. output capacity. A high-performance, high-efficiency model, the MP is designed, engineered, and manufactured to turn most concrete mix designs in 30 to 60 seconds using countercurrent, compulsory mixing action. Horizontal gearbox, automatic washout and complete paddle coverage of the entire floor equip Sicoma planetary mixers for dry blending to heavy aggregate loads. — 727/575-7000; 

Simem America Corp.
Company has advanced the design of its Xentrix planetary mixer, moving out the main drives to permit central cement, admixture and water charging from the top—thereby improving mixing performance and optimizing concrete quality. The Xentrix has been designed for efficiency, flexibility, shorter production and maintenance time, engineers note, resulting in lower production and maintenance costs. A range of models is available with output capacity from .5 to 4 yd.

Simem MSO Twin Shaft Mixers are available in 1- to 12-yd. output models, and geared to mix any type of concrete, from zero to high slump, with aggregates up to 8 in. diameter. Each model can be configured to suit special plant and material requirements. In addition to the standard HL, the MSO is available in these versions: TWIX, dual discharge gate, and DAM, for larger aggregate. — 800/729-0906, 210/581-8600; 

Standley Batch Systems (Rapid)
Company represents Rapid International line of pan, planetary and twin shaft mixers in North America. The Rapid pan mixer series includes six models, R500 through R4000, with .75- to 5-yd. output. Standard features include durable wear sleeves and paddles; hard-wearing cast tiles for wall and floor; and, spring-tensioned mixing arms. The models can be fitted with up to three hydraulic/pneumatic discharge doors, while material inlets placed most anywhere on vessel perimeter. 

The planetary mixer (shown here) series spans seven models, RP375 through RP3000, with .375- to 4-yd. output capacity. Two twin shaft models, RT3000 and RT4000, with 4- and 5-yd. output capacity, respectively, round out the Rapid mixer offerings. The company also offers two Rapid Jetwash models, the three-pump RJW3 and four-pump RJW4, both equipped with high pressure lance for internal and external mixer cleaning. — 573/334-2831; 

Voeller Mixers, Inc.
The Voeller Cyclo-Mixer is engineered to be a durable, reliable, aggressive pan style model requiring little service in demanding applications. A torsion flex design significantly reduces stress and wear on the mixing arms and floor liners during mixing. The Cyclo-Mixer’s fast, thorough action delivers a consistent mix with batch cycles in some applications as short as 90 seconds. Its versatility is reflected in zero slump to self-consolidating mix production. 

Domestically manufactured, the Cyclo-Mixer is available in output capacities ranging from .5 yd. to 6 yd., and equipped with either the V-belt transmission or Voeller’s own “direct drive” transmission. — 262/284-3114; 

Skako Inc.
Company has announced the fifth generation in its concrete mixer line: the Atlantis Counter-Current Mixer, marking the next phase in the Skako planetary model evolution. The mixer’s pan and access panels have been redesigned to offer functional advantages and more efficient production. 

Atlantis incorporates the unique features of its predecessor Apollo, product engineers note, with shaped shovels patented for rapid, homogeneous mixing of self-consolidating, zero slump or wet-cast concrete. Side doors afford 360-degree access into the mixer, while non-confined space entry allows changing of the quick release tooling or floor plates. Trap-door style hydraulic discharge gates provide quick emptying. Retractable, high-pressure/low-volume, washing system operates at 2,500 psig, cleaning the mixer in 5 minutes. — 858/271-7341; 

BMH Systems (Arcen)
Company is the North American representative for the MST planetary mixer line from Portugal-based Arcen Engenharia, S.A. Eight MST models, the 375 through the 4500, have output from .25 to 3 meters. 

Engineers credit the models’ performance in precast concrete operation to their counterflow mixing systems. Mixers feature 10-mm thick wears plates, offering 400 HB at the wall, and 12-mm floor plate construction. Mixing arms are made in strong steel provided with high bending resistance; paddles are cast iron or rubber. The mixing tank of the MST is completely covered with wear plates. The mixture is made by paddles in cast alloy designed to optimize the mixture and lower the wear.

The mixture spiders and paddles are driven in the direction of turn head’s rotation, as an only unit. The lateral scrapers place the material in the direction of the mixture spiders, assuring a homogeneous mixture in short time, even with difficult materials. Another advantage of the counter flow system is that all the energy created is transferred to the concrete, hence very low power losses. The drive system is assembled on the top of the mixer, transmitting the mechanical power through planetary gears with automatic lubrication.

Water injection points are placed circularly for fast feed and homogeneous distribution. The mixer’s discharge door, with pneumatic actuation, enables a fast concrete transfer. For routine cleanness and maintenance, the mixer covering is windowed with wide covers. All the interior space is visible and accessible.

Accessories and options include special wear plates from Hardox, cast alloy, and ceramics to small tungsten tiles or to carbide-tipped; paddles in rubber, tungsten or polyurethane; skip hoists for smaller plant footprints; mixer integration with transport systems serving various plant points; and, a high pressure washing system with rotating heads reaching 90 percent of the vessel’s internal surface, thereby limiting the area requiring manual washing. — 888/793-9340; 

Advanced Concrete Technologies
Company offers a full range of Wiggert planetary countercurrent and twin shaft mixers, along with MobilMat mixing and batch plants geared to 20–160 yd./hour output. Available in 10 sizes, the planetary countercurrent mixers (HPGM) deliver what ACT officials note are the highest quality mixes in the shortest cycle times possible. They can be configured with multiple discharge gates to provide the flexibility for one mixer to serve multiple production lines. HPGM mixers suit plants requiring wet and/or dry cast, self-consolidating, colored, and specialty high strength concrete mixes, or wet and dry mortar.

The twin shaft mixers (DWM) provide fast, homogeneous mixing and rapid complete discharge in a design and configuration suiting precast and ready mixed operations requiring large volumes of quality concrete.

MobilMat plants can be customized to meet the simplest or most demanding requirements and provide a total turnkey solution for production needs. Factory pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested before shipping assures rapid on-site set-up and start-up. Shown here are recent MobilMat installations: Bay State Precast, Mo2250-4-PCS with 2-yd. high shear mixer; and StoneBilt Concepts twin-mixer Mo750-750-5-PCS, with integrated TFW Color Metering System, for architectural precast production. — 

BHS-Sonthofen Inc.
The manufacturer’s twin shaft mixer series is among the industry’s most extensive: 19 models, DKX 0.5 to DKX 9.0, with concrete output of .7 yd. to 12 yd. The company cites deep roots in twin shaft mixer technology, dating to 1888, positioning the DKX series models for mixture homogeneity in short cycles; consistent, batch by batch results; intense relative motion throughout the entire mixture; optimal energy efficiency; low-wear design; and, low maintenance design. 

Beyond standard configuration, the DKX can be customized with a) different drive configurations to meet a plant’s maximum torque requirements; b) preset alternative speed, a pole-changing motor or a variable frequency drive; and, c) material inlet and charging features to optimize raw material transfer. The mixer’s drive power is transmitted by V-belt drives, located on the outer side of the units to ensure ready access for maintenance work. Mixing shafts are sealed with reliable axial face seals; shaft bearings are mounted on bearing boxes and located separately from the shaft seals. The discharge gate is of solid cast iron construction, centrally located between the mixing shafts, sealed by means of adjustable gate ledges, and operated by pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. Among optional features for the DKX is a device taking mixture samples at the front end wall; an electrical terminal box for all cabling; and, a maintenance platform and maintenance step facilitating safe access for cleaning and maintenance. — 704/814-7670; 

Liebherr Concrete Technology Co.
The company offers five twin shaft mixers, Models DW 2.25 through DW 6.0, with nominal capacities of 3 yd. to 8 yd., all equipped with Liebherr-built mixer gearboxes. Equipped with robust, counter-rotating shafts, the mixers are driven by one or two electric motors; gears are mounted directly onto the shafts, saving space. 

The Ring-Pan Mixer line includes six models, R/RIH/RIM-0.5 through RIH/RIM 3.0, with nominal capacities of .65 yd. to 4 yd. The mixer is available with one or two mechanically driven whirler arms, and application-specific agitator tools. Different agitator tools are available depending on the application. Ring-pan mixers with hydraulically driven whirler tools especially suit concrete plants that require varying whirler speeds during mix production. — 757/928-8547; 

Scale Tron Inc. (Ocmer)
The company represents the Ocmix line in North America for Italy’s batch plant equipment market leader, Ocmer. The Ocmix RG Twin Shaft mixer saves on cement for a given quality of concrete, compared with tilt, drum and pan mixers with less vigorous action, product engineers contend. Optional heavy-duty, fully galvanized aggregate hopper, cement and water scales—with their own mezzanine floor—stand atop the mixer and become the top of the plant, allowing the plant core to be installed in days. 

Standard features include efficient two-stage gearboxes, more paddles than most others of equal size, extra-hard wearing liner plates, positive shaft seals that can last for the life of the mixer and easy-access single-day shaft and bearing replacement if it is ever needed. Other options include high-pressure washout, reduced-size discharge door and touch-screen alarm and usage monitor. Mixer sizes range from 2 to 10.5 cu. yd., giving from 80 to 427 yd. of compacted concrete per hour.

The Ocmix SF planetary model takes advantage of the latest technical advances in a well rounded design that combines a wider than usual pan with up to three mixing stars of three blades each to give high intensity mixing action and fast, complete discharge. A one-piece speed reduction and planetary action gearbox, driven by a single motor, via hydraulic coupling in the larger sizes, eliminates shock load damage and allows repeated startup with a full load when necessary. The wear liner is an 18-mm Hardox 500, which is said to be tough and not prone to the cracking or breakage common to ni-hard cast iron parts. Access for maintenance is made safe and easy by the low side walls and wide opening covers.

Other features include automatic greasing of critical parts and large, waterproof, non-jamming hydraulically operated discharge doors. Options include skip hoist, heavy-duty cement and water scales with fully galvanized construction, weighed admix dispensers, automatic high pressure washout and microwave moisture control. Mixer sizes range from 1/3 to 4 yd., netting 10 to 120 cu. yd. of compacted concrete per hour.

All mixer models are available with Scale-Tron controls and companion plant equipment for new and retrofit installations. — 800/632 7083; 

W.P. Hilts & Co.
Full-featured HSTAR planetary mixer series has eight models, from 500L to 4500L. Among key features: gearbox of high quality and structural design; hardened gears in oil sump for proper lubrication/cooling; wide slewing ring for smooth operation; hydrodynamic coupling for protecting transmission against overloads; discharge gate proximity switches activated by cams on main gate; reversible mixing blades optimize mixing action and control wear; hydraulic power unit; wires and cables protected in PVC coated metal conduits; inspection cover providing easy access; and, dust collection. — 540/989-1281;