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Crystallizing admixture seals stormwater storage structure

An unusually wet 2018 winter led to the official end of the worst drought in California’s history. But coastal Santa Monica, just west of Los Angeles, is maintaining water conservation targets for all residents, and undertaking several ambitious projects to advance supply self-sufficiency within the next few years. Efforts include wastewater recycling and construction of underground cisterns to capture storm runoff.

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Uwall Systems

Company has recently added New England Drystack as an alternative to its Rectangular Cut Stone face, both offering fast, economical solutions for most retaining wall conditions. Product engineers present Uwall as a fully engineered, steel-reinforced structure with inherent economies when compared to solid, plain concrete blocks. Its biggest advantage is the ability to save contractors or installers time from offloading deliveries to setting the wall block. Since each piece weighs about 4,000 lbs. and averages 32 sq. ft. of wall face—versus 6 sq. ft. on a typical ‘big block’ precast unit—producers can a) deliver about 75 sq. ft. more product on each truck, with 11 pieces totaling 352 sq. ft.; and, b) reduce the number of project loads by about 40 percent and number of sections to set by upward of 75 percent. 

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The big block wet cast segmental retaining wall system from Salt Lake City-based Verti-Crete features a 5-in. deep textured stone face on a standard block size of 2 ft. x 4 ft. with a depth of 3 feet.

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Earth Wall Products

Licensed retaining wall systems include the precast Forix and Gravix profiles for department of transportation, rail, industrial, commercial and residential markets. A triangular section in the stem, cast perpendicular to the retaining wall face, allows the weight of the backfill to bear on the units, thereby transferring downward pressure and resulting in a stabilizing effect.

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Thousands of Redi-Rock retaining walls go up each year around the world, owing to 130 licensed producers across five continents. The massive size of each Redi-Rock block allows engineers to design tall gravity walls and even taller reinforced walls with Positive Connection blocks. Four natural stone textures and a full line of accessories like columns, steps, and freestanding walls round out a complete retaining wall system offering.

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