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12K-17K lift trucks

A sit-down, counterbalanced, pneumatic tire lift truck for indoor and outdoor use, the H120FT has a 12,000-lb. capacity and is well suited to manufactured concrete loading and unloading. The model affords versatility and performance: Three engine configurations and a host of transmission options to customize each powertrain maximize productivity and fuel economy for specific applications while keeping maintenance costs low. Optimized step height, non-slip tread and adjustable steer column in an ergonomic compartment contribute to operator comfort throughout a shift.



Separately, Hyster has announced the H155-170FTS, a 15,500- to 17,000-lb. capacity, sit-down counterbalanced truck series designed for optimum maneuverability in tight, crowded outdoor storage environments. Two main features contribute to the increased maneuverability: Overall truck length is reduced by up to 12.8 inches due to a shorter counterweight design, while residual capacity is maintained; and, the maximum steering angle-triggered Turn Assist System which applies the brake to the inside drive tire to enable a tighter turning radius and consistent maneuvering, regardless of load weight or road surface conditions. An optional rearview display provides a 118-degree field of vision, helping operators monitor the rear of the machine when maneuvering or changing direction. A standard high visibility mast design optimizes forward visibility of the forks and load.

“With businesses facing increased inventory but no extra real estate, they need to make the most of available space with maximum storage density,” says Hyster Product Manager Josh Eby. “The maneuverability of the FTS series helps equip operators for success in these tight spaces, keeping retrieval tasks moving quickly while avoiding product and facility damage.” — Hyster Co., Greenville, N.C.,

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