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Galvanized rebar

Company presents GalvaBar as continuously galvanized rebar with proven protection and high formability. It can be fabricated after the galvanizing process without cracking, peeling or flaking. The process coats the steel with minimal exposure time to the molten zinc before cooling. That allows all grades of reinforcement, normal- to high-strength, to be galvanized with no risk of embrittlement.

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Speedy masonry saw integrates dust collection

Manufacturer presents the iQMS362 as durable, portable and built to tackle any jobsite. It is equipped with the model-specific 16.5-in. Q-Drive blade, capable of 5.5-in. deep cuts at full 24-in. lengths, and equal to masonry materials in a wide range of shapes, sizes, weights and densities—from soft, manufactured stone to granite or high strength pavers.

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Have you resolved to manage complexity this year?

It’s a new year and businesses are taking inventory of their organizations. By analyzing the previous year’s performance, managers typically identify short and long-term solutions to ensure greater profitability in the coming year. However, many of them fail to adequately plan for the complexities that accompany rapid growth. Experiencing such growth without adequately preparing for it can cause a myriad of challenges, including inefficiency, which leads to lost productivity, lower customer satisfaction, and decreased profitability.

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Stainless steel rebar

High performance reinforcement is used to control the damaging effects of corrosive environments due to chlorides from deicing compounds, marine spray or contamination and spillage from chemical processing in mining, petrochemical or other industrial environments. Company cites a growing trend among state, provincial and federal transportation engineers to specify stainless as it represents the most economically viable corrosion resistant reinforcing steel for chloride attack-prone concrete. Once a structure is built with stainless steel reinforcement, owners and operator stand to see a dramatic reduction in repairs over the service life cycle. Company ships fabricated rebar and reinforcing mats throughout the U.S. and Canada. — Salit Specialty Rebar, Buffalo, N.Y., 716/299-1990,

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Daimler tests 3D-printed parts for Freightliner, Western Star

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