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BASF programs Consistent Concrete Value Tool

BASF Admixture Systems’ latest electronic tool models potential dollar savings producers can achieve with improved concrete mix consistency, a metric reflected in the need for little or no on-site adjustment of a load or changes to the casting, consolidating and finishing processes on a batch-to-batch or day-to-day basis.

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Water reducer tailored to mixes designed with SCM

With an eye to sustainable construction, BASF Admixture Systems has formulated a new water-reducing admixture, Pozzolith 700N, for use in ready mixed concrete designed with SCM. It provides faster setting time in the face of supplementary binders, which typically challenge contractors by extending a mixture’s set window.

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Portable tool bin

The Aerial Tool Bin for aerial platforms, scissors, and boom lifts is designed to keep hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker’s reach.

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Synthetic Blend Lubricant

ConocoPhillips Co. offers Kendall Super-D XA with Liquid Titanium, a premium tier API CJ-4 diesel engine oil formulated with an exclusive liquid-titanium technology that provides reduced bearing corrosion, enhanced engine wear protection, and has increased oxidation stability.

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Silo level sensor

The Model VHS vibrating rod level sensor is now available in a pipe extended version with overall insertion length ranging from 18 to 118 in., making it suited for top mounting installations where silo operators realize the advantages of no calibration and solid-state technology.

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