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Anchoring System

The new Hilti HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System works in all masonry base materials: grout-filled block, hollow brick and CMU; and multi-wythe brick walls. The improved formula and innovative composite sleeve design provide strong, reliable and easy-to-install fastenings. Additionally, it cures in 45 minutes at 70°F, providing quick installation times.

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Tilt-up specialist programs free panel estimating tool

Tilt-Up Design SystemSystems' free web-based Panel Reinforcing Estimating Tool works by simply entering the panel width, height, thickness, design wind speed/exposure and opening width for the project. An estimate of the reinforcing steel required will be provided measured in pounds per square-foot based on the gross panel area.

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Custom covers, grates

WunderCovers offers a full range of custom and universal covers, whenever a clean, blended hardscape theme is required for a residential, commercial or municipality project. The product allows contractors and architects unlimited matching access and grate cover choices, including crushed rock, hybrid softscapes, asphalt, textured and colored concrete, paver, tile or stone.

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Concrete-grade bit, hammer

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme bits are built around a solid-head carbide design that lasts longer than competitive offerings in rebar while providing faster drilling speed combined with precision, notes the manufacturer.

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Economy lift truck line

The Utilev UT25-30P range of diesel and LPG fuel forklift trucks is now available in select U.S. markets in 5,000- and 6,000-lb. capacities. These lift trucks provide an attractive option for users across many industries that require materials handling equipment but may not need advanced functionality.

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