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Railcar vibrator lifter

INNOV-Cleveland-150Company’s 1300, 1350 and 1400 VMRR piston railcar vibrators can be handled without risking back injury owing to a customized Rhino Railcar Vibrator Lifter. The vibrators are most frequently used in unloading compacted materials in railcar hoppers to eliminate the danger and time associated with climbing around cars to manually dislodge material. The VMRR series of vibrators weigh 76–165 lb. Modifications to the Rhino Railcar Vibrator Lifter enable users to effortlessly insert and remove the heavy CVC vibrators into the cradles on the side of the railcar, thereby eliminating a potential safety and ergonomics issue. Users can operate both the lifter and the vibrator with the same pneumatic supply line. — Cleveland Vibrator Co.,; Arnold Co.,

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Driver behavior, feedback tool

Fleet telematics providers GreenRoad and Zonar have entered an agreement to offer the former company’s real-time driver feedback and driver behavior monitoring application on the Zonar 2020 mobile tablet. The GreenRoad app provides customers what Zonar officials note is a robust set of driver behavior tools that help increase fuel economy, safety and fleet efficiency.

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Filter press quells settling ponds, nets Nycon RM six-figure savings

MatecI-150Metro New York concrete operators contend with land constraints like few peers across the country. Long Island City-based Nycon Ready Mix Inc. is no exception, and recently confronted yard space challenges and process-water management by upgrading to filter press equipment from Matec America, LLC.


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Bulk handling system control

INNOV-Cyclonaire-150Company’s Systems Integration Group develops software for plant managers who want to incorporate process control in bulk conveying, weighing, mixing, and distribution equipment. It designs software and hardware for single machines, as well as for systems integrating several machines into a single control architecture. Shown here with human-machine interface automation software is a control option that enables managers, engineers, and operators to view and interact with the operations of a single machine through entire plants in real time through graphical representations of production processes.

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Yard vehicle

Car-150VersAttach track-based, bed attachment system for company’s Carryall vehicle line is specially designed to organize equipment and gear. The aluminum beds in the new vehicles feature a Rhino-lining, the same tough material used to line the beds of many pickup trucks. A truck-like, single-handed, latch-and-release tailgate runs across the width of the vehicle and can be opened from either side or the center. Carryall utility vehicles are available in electric, gas and diesel; two-wheel and automatic all-wheel drive; and two- or four-passenger models. Transporters carry four or six passengers, and Carryall LSVs carry two passengers and come with regular or extended beds. — Club Car, Augusta, Ga.;

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