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Rebar safety cap

The PC110 Suprotek Impalement Safety Cap minimizes risks on the jobsite and is compliant with OSHA requirement 344.90 and has the CALOSHA C-1730-AG approval. In addition to providing increased jobsite safety, the design reduces the need to have different size safety caps to fit varying sizes of rebar. The new PC110 cap fits sizes #3 (10 mm) to #11 (36 mm) rebar. Its dual color design enhances the readability of OSHA-required information.

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Crusher buckets

Montabert BucketDesigned for use with a variety of compact and heavy carriers weighing more than 3-1/2 tons, Montabert crusher buckets quickly process stone, concrete and asphalt debris, among other hard, inert materials. The buckets are easily transported and fit for work in confined spaces. They reduce dust and noise levels associated with separate crushing and handling equipment, and help minimize transportation and waste disposal costs, providing operations with a competitive edge.

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Stretch wrapper

Octopus “C” automatic rotary ring stretch wrapperThe Octopus “C” automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper is an economical solution for pallets in a variety of applications. Its aluminum frame structure further provides dependable construction with minimal maintenance required.

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Premium natural stone

Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, Premium natural stoneA Miami-based importer and distributor of fine travertine, marble, granite, quartzite, onyx, limestone, coral and unique stones, has added a high-end Italian line, Salvatori, which transforms ancient materials like marble and natural stone into contemporary building solutions and has been specified on iconic projects worldwide.

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Bagging line dust control

Auburn Systems, Bagging line dust controlTRIBO.dsp U3000 series of electrostatic/triboelectric (TRIBO) bag leak detectors, emission monitors and solids flow monitors effectively measure particulate and dust emissions, and dry solids flow.

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