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Conveyor motion control

The new Model MSD-800 series motion sensing controls protect indoor and outdoor rotating equipment such as screw conveyors, belt conveyor pulleys, rotary feeders and bucket elevators from costly damage by continuously monitoring rotary speed. They alert the operator of a change in speed by sending a signal to the control unit, which can be used to sound an alarm and/or shut down the equipment completely. By monitoring speed, plant operators can greatly reduce system and equipment downtime by fixing malfunctions such as broken drive gears or belts, over-worked motors, belt overload and other problems before serious damage occurs.

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Trailer harness

Trailer harness and electronic control system developer has secured a new patent for its Modular Connection System, superseding one for earlier and improving on the product’s O-ring-style seal and secondary lock pin design. The new version features a design variation that increases the engagement integrity between the system’s integral O-ring and the corresponding groove of its mated connection. A unique lock pin of contrasting color helps inspectors identify complete connection mating. The lock pin assures precision alignment of all components and a firm, complete, watertight union that employs dielectric grease as a sealing agent and a barrier to moisture, dirt and corrosion.

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Pulse valve maintains high peak pressure in dust collectors

The redesigned ASCO Series 353 Pulse Valve is engineered to help original equipment manufacturers and dust collector end-users achieve a more effective, efficient and convenient bag cleaning every time. With a higher peak pressure, wider temperature range, quick mount clamp connection and overall part simplification, the new series provides longer bag and filter life.

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Forklift exhaust gas analyzer

The Monoxor XR, a hand-held exhaust gas analyzer for measuring carbon monoxide in ambient air or directly from the exhaust pipes of forklifts running diesel, gasoline, propane or compressed natural gas, is equal to verifying worker safety and achieving compliance with OSHA air quality regulations. It can also be used for engine tuning and diagnostics, resulting in improved equipment efficiency and fuel savings. The instrument provides visual and audible alarming for instant alerting of personnel to dangerous CO levels.

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Electric-powered material handling

Two new lines join company’s e-Power Cart & Trailer offerings: 1) a four-model series of industrial pushers designed to push or pull in-plant trailers with load capacities between 3,000 and 100,000 lbs.; and, 2) three e-Power Vehicles with easy wagon-style steering to push or pull payloads up to 10,000 lbs.

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