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Curb Ramps

With an estimated 9 million rolled curb driveways throughout the U.S. and Canada, the Bridjit Curb Ramp was designed as an affordable solution to the rolled curb driveway problem. It provides landscapers with a proven product they can install to help homeowners experience a smooth driveway entry and exit, and help eliminate damage to tires, wheels and underside components.

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Bin Vibrators

The line of Hi-Vi Electromagnetic bin vibrators from Eriez features 12 AC drive units that improve the flow of hard-to-handle materials deposited into bins, hoppers and chutes.

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Coil, direct-fired features net Sioux Hybrid Water Heater

Engineered to maximize the benefits of coil and direct-fired heating technologies, the 3 million-BTU/h Hybrid Heater achieves 208°F (93°C) outlet temperature at 95 percent-plus true efficiency.

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